Rose Tyler


Full Bad Wolf Speech : Rose Defeats the Daleks

rosepic (2)Character Synopsis: Rose Tyler was introduced to the show as a simple shop worker. One night at the shop, an odd man showed up, a man called “The Doctor”. The Doctor was convinced of Rose and her potential, so he took her to see the whole of time and space. After the Doctor regenerated from absorbing the time vortex to save Rose, Daleks and Cybermen alike attacked the Earth from a parallel universe. TheDoctor’s plan was to use the very entry way where the monsters came to the world to suck them back in. The only problem, they both had “void-stuff” and would get sucked in. They opened up the entrance and held onto clamps on a wall to stop from going in. Rose started to loose her grip and fell towards the entrance, when suddenly her dad from the parallel world saved her but, pulled her back to the other world and was trapped from the Doctor forever. :(